Resolve the constraints in your sales system - instead of cutting cost

Two Sales Constraint Situations

Theory of constraints TOC sales constraints

DELTA T-Selling: Lead your sales system by resolving its constraints
Sales traditionally: a cost problem
Top management traditionally leads sales organizations primarily as a cost driver. This frame of mind is so deeply programmed into the minds of top managers that is never even recognized or questioned.

DELTA T-Selling: Focus on the constraints hindering healthy sales growth
DELTA T-Selling leads top management to break out of these encrusted concepts. It puts highest priority on achieving the sales goal (of course, within acceptable cost models).
This new frame of mind opens the path for the Chief Sales Officer to focus on resolving teh constraints in the sales system - rather than on cutting cost, which easily makes the constraint worse rather than better.

Two constraint situations in sales
The Chief Sales Officer always faces one or two challenges - in the terminology of DELTA T-Selling: one or both constraint situations:
Constraint situation Nr.1: Sales growth is satisfactory; how should I lead my company (my sales system) to ensure that it remains that way?
Constraint situation Nr.2: Sales drop: how should I lead my company (my sales system) back to healthy sales growth?

Answers from DELTA T-Selling
With the DELTA T-Selling frame of mind the answers to these questions are:

To lead to continuing healthy sales growth
the Chief Sales Officer needs to focus his or her operational sales plan on the constraints foreseen as obstacles to reach the sales goal,

To recover from unsatisfactory sales
the CSO must find the constraint which causes the drop in sales and resolve it. This constraint in most cases is caused by a company policy, not by external forces. (We still have to find an exception to that statement).

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