In our consulting engagements and in our workshops we recommend two books as an important reference for Chief Sales Officer. (We also recommend several other books which we consider essential for the CSO)

About using TOC principles in key account sales:
Unblock the Power of Your Sales Force! 

Book Unblock U1

By Dr. Dietrich Legat and Dr. William A. Woehr
ISBN 3-7083-0082-3, NWV Vienna
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This book is for Chief Sales Officers and Sales Managers who wish to move up into this position. It is our standard reference in our consulting engagements and workshops.

The book is also available in German and Japanese.

In the book,
* we first provide a brief introduction to TOC (Theory of Constraints, constraint-focused leadership) and how TOC can be used to lead sales,
*  then we apply these methods to key account management, where they can be applied in many ways to lead to sustained healthy sales growth.
* finally, in each chapter, the reader can test his maturity in operational key account management using the constraint focused methodologies of DELTA T-Selling. (See example "maturity in leading product sales") 

About the TOC "thinking tools": The Logical Thinking Process 


William Dettmer 

ISBN 978-0-87389-732-5, ASQ Quality Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 

We recommend this book as an excellent reference for the decision-making tools of TOC. 

Bill Dettmer, our network partner, has written this book based on his years of experience as a consultant, trainer and teacher. 

The book also contains the software TLT - an easy-to-use tool for creating the "logical trees" of TOC. 

About "Process Management in Sales": Total Quality Essentials (Sarv Singh Soin)
We consider this book to be the best that has ever been written about leading businesses with TQM. It contains an extensive chapter on the process of management: how to lead processes, process improvement projects and breakthrough projects (HOSHIN methodology). 
(McGraw-Hill, 1998, ISBN 0-07-059551-8).

About self organizing systems: The Tree of Knowledge (Humberto Maturana und Francisco Varela)
An introduction to the world of self organizing systems by two world leading biologists. Written with humour and many examples. 
(Shambala, Boston & London, ISBN 0-87773-642-1)

About "Constraint Management (theory of constraints)": The Goal (Eliyahu Goldratt)
This is the first book you must read about constraint management (theory of constraints, TOC). It gives an introduction to the TOC "frame of mind". The book is available in many languages and countries.
(North River Press, ISBN 978-0-88427-178-9)

About "Emotions at Work"
Good Business: Leadership. Flow, and the Making of Meaning (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

This author specializes in "positive psychology". In this field experts study the conditions for happiness and well being and the resulting top achievements in sports, professional work and other social systems.

As Chief Sales Officer you must not just focus on the logical domain of our task - leading the emotional domain is as important. Some psychologists maintain that it is the only important one. This books give important insights on what needs to be done to lead the emotional domain.
(Penguin Books, 2004. ISBN 978-0-14-200409-8)

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