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DELTA T-Selling: Systems view of sales

DELTA T-Selling goes far beyond the traditional "sales process management": it is based on a systems view of sales.

Unsatisfactory results with sales process management and tools
Sales leaders traditionally attempt to lead to their goals with sales process management - often also using IT tools like CRM or SFA.

Unfortunately practical experience shows that this approach does not result in satisfactory results. Some sales leaders even have come to the conclusion that investments of that kind are useless. 

Better results from leading "the sales business system"

Sales process management restricts the Chief Sales Officer's view to the processes within the sales organization. However: most of the functions, processes and people who influence sales results are not positioned within this organization.

When leading sales as a business system the Chief Sales Officer leads a system that reaches far beyond just the sales organization. 

The sales system includes all functions, processes and people which influence the achievement of sales results. 
This business system reaches far beyond the CSO's space of direct responsibility. It includes many functions and processes within and also outside of the company (in the company's eco-system). Only by leading all functions of this system the CSO can lead the whoel company to achieve its sales goals.

All members of systems community must share a clear view of their system
Every person who leads of works in functions which have influence on sales results is a member of the sales system community. 

Each function - and member of the system community - must deliver their required contribution.
Each member must accept her or his obligation to deliver the contribution required for the whol system to achieve the overall sales goal.

The Chief Sales Officer must view the sales system as a "self organizing" (autopoietic) system.
Before the CSO can lead he or she must understand the system's behaviour and reactions. To do so the CSO must understand:

  • The nature of self organizing systems,
  • How self organizing systems engage in "structural coupling" with other systems,
  • How self organizing systems recognize their environment (biological systems their biosphere, business systems their eco-systems),
  • How adaptive self organization functions (to be succcessful) and which role strategies, operational leadership, rules and conflicts play in taht process,
  • How operational leadership can be effective to lead systems adaptation.

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