Software for TOC Logic Trees

"Logic trees" are brilliant elements of the "TOC (theory of constraints" toolbox. Even so - for practical use by operations managers they are just too complex.

TLT Software simplifies work with "logic trees"
TLT Software makes working with "logic trees" much easier to:

  • design "logic trees" on a PC,
  • allow each team member to immediately have his or her contribution included,
  • have the "logic tree" availabnle immediatly on completion,
  • pass it on immedaitely to all team members and other persons,
  • print the completed tree on several pages or on one large scale plotter, and
  • to pass on all data of the logic tree in CSV Format, so it can be used in other programs.

Extremely easy to use
The designers of TLT wanted to make creating and maintaining logic trees as easy as possible:

  • Easy "copy and paste" of elements from a palette to link elements into a tree,
  • Easy adjustment: you just shift objects to their new positions - links remain in their 
  • Easy to work in teams: teams can observe and contribute to the tree building process on the PC screen or with LCD projectors,
  • Easy to handle large logic trees: display on multiple pages with selectable zoom,
  • Easy to handle logic units: TLT is based on a database so the same logical unit may be used in different trees,
  • Easy to document: TLT automatically creates tables of content of all elemments
  • Easy to integrate with other software: copy/paste and export as CSV table.

More about TLT Software
What is TLT
User Manual
Download test version

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