Defining key account plans

Traditional key account management plans: Extensive data compilation
Traditional key account management plans are extensive data compilations. To create and maintain them requires significant effort by account sales people. Unfortunately many experienced sales managers question the contribution os such plans. ("so much effort, so little return")

DELTA T account management plans: Operational action plans focussing on the constraints to achieve the key account sales goal
Key account management plans based on the DELTA T methodology focus a company (in the format of a one page operational plan) exclusively on the constraints hindering the key account team to achieve their sales goals, profitably. 

These plans involve all functions - within the company and in the company eco system - leading them to deliver the "vital few" obligations required to achieve the key account sales goal.

"Traditional" vs. "DELTA T" key account management plans
See this table to compare the two approaches: 

Key account planning

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