Key account management software

Key account management plans

Requirements for key account management software
Key account management software must support both the development, execution and agile adaptation of individual key account management plans and of the overall key account channel management plan. The DELTA T Cockpit is designed to deliver this support perfectly.

DELTA T Cockpit for individual key account plans
Supported by the DELTA T Cockpit key account teams can develop for each individual key account a "one page constraint focused operational key account plan".
This plan contains not only the actions required by the members of the key account team, but also the actions of all other persons whose contribution is required for the success of the key account plan - both within the company and in the company eco-system.

Thus the DELTA T Cockpit makes sure that all efforts of the company and its partners are focused on achieving the key account sales goal.

DELTA T Cockpit for leading the key account sales channel
The DELTA T Cockpit supports the key account channel responsible manager in the design, execution and agile adaptation of the top level key account channel plan:

* It compiles the individual key account sales goals and sales results into the top level summary (including forecasting),
* Supports documentation of the top level channel plan (which addresses both the systemic constraints and the channel development plan to operational excellence)
* Summarizes the top level plan and all individual key account plans in the "Book of Plans"
* Offers rich functionality for "quick reviews", tracking operational excellence level and in-team communications.

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