Consultants in related areas

Network of specialized experts
Delta Institute works in a network of highly specialized experts and organizations active in the field of systems oriented management of business processes.

Consultants in TOC (theory of constraints)
While Delta Institute Switzerland is specialized on the application of Goldratts Theory of Constraints in managing business companies - with special focus on leading sales organizations. Theory of constraints, however, is being applied in many other areas and there are several experienced consulting firms available to assist clients in TOC projects.

Sales and marketing consultants
While Delta Institute focuses exclusively on serving Chief Sales Officers and other top level sales leaders (what top level sales managers must do to lead their sales organizations) there are many excellent sales and marketing consulting companies available to help clients improve their sales force effectiveness - offering methodologies, training and consulting for sales professionals.

PDCA Skills Workshop
Many mission critical projects can be brought to success with the PDCA methodology. PDCA is deceivingly simple to explain - but not as easy to actually use successfully. Our partner Carin Stommels offers the best training module for PDCA teams we know - the PDCA Skills workshop.

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