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Carin Stommels, owner of Purposa BV, is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has 30 years of experience in leading high-tech multi-national businesses to accelerate business results.

Special practical experiences

·       She was manager and consultant in sales, service and large outsourcing organizations

·       With focus on operational excellence she aligns purpose, plans, processes and people

Special consulting experiences
She masters a game that guides people to accelerate their processes with astonishing results by using the old Plan-Do-Check-Act. She is able to create a structure and atmosphere around the principle “learning by doing while having fun”. Mission critical projects on operational excellence are exciting and lead to great results when a few simple conditions are created. The support and focus of top management is key and she arranges this environment to move on to data driven customer focused results.

More about Carin Stommels                                                                  

During her university studies she was employed at Philips Electronics to coordinate workers meetings on PDCA-cycles for IC-technology plants. She became a teacher at Technical University at Delft for some years, before she started at Hewlett-Packard. 

After a few years she was asked to be the Quality Director for HP The Netherlands and for European Projects. Within the company she was educated as an experienced lead reviewer based on the H-P Quality Maturity System (see book TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL ESSENTIALS, Sarv Singh Soin). During these years she and her colleagues searched for key processes to accelerate operational excellence and a way to educate the company in the skills. Together with HP in the UK she isolated a very simple process for everyone to connect with and made a managementgame of this. She has led  the workshop more than 100 times, mostly while starting up mission critical projects afterwards, thus gaining an insight in lots of examples that make PDCA work and the key processes of companies simpler. 

In 2003 she started a company of her own, Purposa BV. Since then she has worked in a wide variety of subjects, all of whom have to do with the key processes and their efficiency in worldwide companies such as Ericsson, Telecom Italia, Bull.

The PDCA-skills workshop

In a very condensed way you will experience the different techniques and skills that are needed to perform and lead PDCA-cycles and you get an idea of tools that can help you and your teams to accelerate results. This is about managing a process while increasing operational excellence by factors rather than by percentages. The timing and conditions of standardization, improvement and breakthroughs are the key subjects.

In the workshop you are going to manage a small and very successfull company, Computer Product Limited. Customers stand in the row to get its products, however, the company struggles to deliver timely and accurate quotations. This means the customers need to wait too long to just receive a quotation, not to talk about when they are going to get their products. In teams you are going to manage the operational excellence of this process, competing with eachother, applying the techniques along the way. You will experience the success and pitfalls of PDCA and the different ways people operate in such a process. The workshop is not lecture-driven, you are going to do the work in your teams with some short explanations of theory and tools.

Please be prepared to immerse yourself in the course with an open mind and lots of energy. This is the best way to get the most of the key learnings out of it.

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