Network Partners

Delta Institute works in a network of highly specialized experts and organizations working in the field of systems oriented management of business processes.

In alphabetical order our network partners are: 

CATALYSTS, Linz, Austria
Christoph Steindl, expert in software development, operational and project management and software architecture leads CATALYSTS. He applies methods of TOC, Lean Thinking and Agile Development to help his customers to achieve their goals of increasing productivity, flexibility and resilience of their business. 

Currency Solutions for a Wiser World
Bernard Lietaer, world renowned expert in design, diagnosis and management of monetary systems. He is our expert partner for the operating company's leadership in foreign currency - crisis situations.

Delta Institute is a member of GOAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL. This global network of TOC (theory of constraints) experts is led by Bill Dettmer, author of the leading book on TOC Thinking Tools

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