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Delta Institute Switzerland is specialized on the application of Goldratts Theory of Constraints in managing business companies - with special focus on leading sales organizations.

Theory of constraints, however, is being applied in many other areas and there are several experienced consulting firms available to assist clients in TOC projects. Here are some of them, in alphabetical order:



With TOC consultants in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria offering seminars, workshops and key books about TOC.



"Our Mission is to promote the practice of a systems approach and constraint theory in managing complex systems and educate organizations in its use and to assist commercial businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations in applying the concepts and principles of systems thinking and constraint management"


Is it possible to improve the performance of your company to have in less than four years, net profit equal to its current total sales? With Goldratts VIABLE VISION on basis of theory of constraints the answer is ... YES!


By integrating a broad range of services, IDEA delivers global solutions for supply chain management. You can expect a totally unique experience with IDEA – guaranteed performance focused on your business results. Over 80% of IDEA’s fees are earned only after you get bottom line impact.

Henry Camp, CEO, explains: “Let me give you a glimpse of what we do. For one of our major clients, in our first pass at only a small part of their supply chain, we found $8 million dollars of net profits and pulled $42 million of cash out of inventory. Last time we got together, we explored further opportunities with the top management. We all agreed that there is an additional 12% of sales that can drop to the bottom line and cash equivalent to 8% of sales. For them, that is around $300 million of cash flow. Now, they agreed that those numbers are only possible if we address core challenges of their supply chain, not just symptoms.


Since 1993, TOC International has trained thousands of participants worldwide in all aspects of the Theory of Constraints. Clients have benefited from on-site implementations including Critical Chain, 4x4 Strategic Planning, Drum-Buffer-Rope Production Logistics, Negotiation and Management Skills, Marketing Offers, Root Cause Analysis and Thinking Process Skills. TOC International has also trained thousands of participants worldwide in all aspects of the Theory of Constraints.



TOCCA is a consulting company whose people use their best thinking and passion for improvement to deliver simple solutions to complex problems. Using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and other well known improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, we work with people in organisations to identify the root cause of underperformance relative to their goals. These root causes provide the focal points for high leverage solutions, delivering extraordinary value in relatively short time frames. 

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