Balanced Business Advisors

Jim Grosvenor, CEO Balanced Business Advisors

Operational excellence consulting in the USA

A network of industry experts and program managers

Because consulting firms typically deliver results that are either too general to be practical, or too detailed for decision making. Balanced Business Advisors has a networked business model that enables us to merge detailed industry knowledge with powerful analytical tools to deliver well-grounded, practical recommendations that are creative, industry-leading ideas for value generation.

BBA takes pride in NOT having a large employee base, but rather a broad inspired network of industry experts and program managers.


Assembling the consulting team for the client's goal

When a BBA client recently asked for a growth strategy to double revenues at a subsidiary in the Food Supplements Industry, our network delivered a team including two senior editors from a well-respected trade journal in that industry. When a client desired to strike an alliance with a major transportation company, the BBA network produced a team including a business development manager who had successfully sold to the target company for the last 2 years.

Consulting on operational leadership based on the DELTA T-Selling

Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration. Thomas Alva Edison, 1902.

In business, the inspirational piece is done, when the strategy has been written. 

The perspirational piece follows then - to build an operational plan focused on the "vital few" things that must be done to execute the strategy and then to lead execution continuously focusing on the strategic goal.

Balanced Business Advisors use the DELTA T methodology with its leadership cockpit as a key tool to support their clients in bringing strategy to action and thus, to results.

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