During our consulting projects we use the DELTA T-Cockpit - the operational excellence leadership tool - following the 5R principle for agile, constraint focused planning, leading and adjusting operational plans. (For more information also see this video)

While we are engaged as consultants and after such assignments our clients use the DELTA T- Cockpit as operational leadership tool for top managers and their team members.

DELTA T Cockpit

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Top manager's software tool for leading operational planning and execution of operational plans (Video)
This innovative software tool is the top manager's cockpit for leading  the definition, execution and agile adaptation of operational business plans:

With this tool the top manager:

  • Leads all members of the business system community,
  • Focusses all members on one single operational prime goal (sales/revenue ...)
  • Leads the operational plan through PLC cycles,
  • Is constantly aware of the state of all critical elements of the operational sales plan

Key features
One single cockpit for the top manager to keep the business system "On Course"
This software tool presents to the top manager and to all members of the operational planning team - on one single cockpit display - 

  • How the business system is "on course" in delivering the operational goal(s),
  • How the key elements of the operational sales plans are being delivered.

DELTA T methodology: one standard template for operational plans
One key advantage of the DELTA T methodology is that its based on a standard template - which applies to all types of operational plans required by an enterprise.

Supports operational planning for all sizes of business companies
•From small/medium size business
•To global multi-unit businesses

Supports operational planning with the DELTA T "5 Right" methodology
•Supports operational management teams through the "5 Right" steps.

Supports operational planning for hierarchical and matrix organizations
In addition to supporting leading the top level operational plan  the DELTA T-Cockpit supports operational planning and leadership of an unlimited number of  business units "below" the top level - both in hierarchies (for example Regions/Countries/Districts) and matrix units (for example Products, Key Accounts).

Focused. Clear. Powerful.
With these features the DELTA T-Cockpit is the prime leadership tool for top managers, for instance for the Chief Sales Officer.

Available as "Software as a Service"
The DELTA T-Cockpit is available to the client as "software as a service" if he decides to continue to use it. .

Interested to learn more about the DELTA T-Cockpit?
More information on this video. Please contact us per email for further information:

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