Live Consulting Workshops

Our workshops are different: rather than offering seminars or lectures we offer intensive working sessions in which we guide participants through their development of constraint focused operational plans - for companies, sales organizations or key account sales.

5R - Smart operational leadership
To introduce operational leaders to the DELTA T methodology of constraint focused operational leadership we offer this one day intensive workshop, in which participants apply the "5 right" principles to designing their own operational plan.

Sales leadership workshop
Sales - the job of the Chief Sales Officer - is possibly the most challenging and complex position in a company. Holders of this job face two main challenges:

1) Most people and functions which influence sales management success do not report to the sales leader: customers, channels, product managers, finance managers …, and

2) the sales obstacles (constraints) change rapidly - sales plans designed yesterday maybe obsolete today.

The DELTA T methodology is a proven approach to resolve both the challenge of integrating all forces into one focused operational plan and to dynamically adjust operational sales plans in an "agile business management approach.

Leading key account sales
The DELTA T methodology is a powerful framework to both manage individual key acount sales as well as the overall key account sales channel. This workshop leads participants to design a constraint focused key account plan and to understand the challenges of managing a key account sales channel.

DELTA T Consultants School
This is our intensive 4-5 days (depending on participant's requirements) intensive training for consultant who have decided to apply the DELTA T methodology in their consulting engagements.

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