DELTA T consultants training

Interested to become a DELTA T top management consultant?

With the DELTA T methodology and the DELTA T Cockpit we offer a unique top management consulting practice.

The value you bring to your customers 
Your customers - the CEO, or other top managers  like Chief Sales Officers - want to lead their company to healthy sustainable sales growth.

You help them as Executive Assistant Project Manager and lead your clients and their leadership teams through their DELTA T projects.

Prerequisites for your success as a DELTA T consultant 
In order to be successful as top management consultant with the DELTA T methodology, you must meet three conditions. You must have:

(1) personal experience in top level business management - for instance as CEO, Chief Sales Officer or of other business units,
(2) competence in the DELTA T methodology (we give you that in our DELTA T Consultants School)
(3) access to Top Managers in your market area (must already have or be willing to build). 

Becoming a DELTA T Consultant - Four Steps 

Step 1: Explore - with us - your market

Before you decide to become a DELTA T Consultant we help you to test your market opportunity: You offer to your potential customers our one-day workshop for Top Managers. When you have found enough participants, we lead the workshop with you. 

Step 2: Decide to become a DELTA T Consultant
You sign the DELTA T Consulting License Agreement. You continue to work with the clients you connected to while offering our workshop.

Step 3: Attend DELTA T Consultants School (Download Program)
Based on the experience which you gained while offering our workshop, we will train you in a five-day workshop (Wednesday to Friday, with a "weekend breathing space") in the DELTA T methodology and the use of the DELTA T Cockpit - preferably already focused on one of your potential customers. 

In the training we work through the 200 + pages DELTA T Consultants Manual, which contains all tools for your work as a consultant

Step 4: Lead your first DELTA T project
We help you with your first DELTA-T project by providing advice on site or over the phone - as you need it. 

We start building our network: the first 10 consultants pay only € 15.500, - for the training and lifetime license - that's all.


Send us a message by e-mail - we'll call you back. 

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