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Two books for Chief Sales Officers cover operational sales leadership:

Surf the waves of opportunity (by Dieter Legat)

This book is a manual for constraint focused agile operational leadership.

First, it positions operational leadership where it belongs to be: as the prime management task for leading companies to superior success.

Then, it covers the "five right" of operational leadership: how to set right operational goals,  design right operational plans, right execution of these plans, right check and right operational leadership.

In addition it offers a diagnostic tool to assess the competence in operational leadership.

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Unblock the power of your sales force! (By Bill Woehr and Dieter Legat)

(also available in German and Japanese)

This book describes the application of theory of constraints (TOC) for key account selling.

First, it offers a brief introduction to TOC for sales managers at all levels. Then, it highlights key elements of key account selling;
  • How to understand the key account's constraints and 
  • Develop proposals aimed at assisting the account in resolving these,
  • How to assess the constraints for winning proposals and
  • Design opportunity win plans for these,
  • How to identify systemic constraints in the key account channel and
  • Resolve these,
  • How to transform key account selling from the present cost-centric to the new constraint-centric world of key account selling.

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Other books about constraint-focused leadership

Please find a list of recommended books on the website of SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY.

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