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Right operational sales leadership

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Operational sales leadership consists of two tasks

In constraint focused agile operational leadership as Chief Sales Officer you have to perform two tasks: 

(1) Lead your PEC (Plan-Execute-Check) cycles, and 
(2) Lead the development of the culture of operational excellence.

Lead your PEC (Plan-Execute-Check) cycles

The Plan-Execute-Check (PEC) cycle must spin in each sales unit. Your task as Chief Sales Officer is to 

  • Establish the schedule of quick and deep reviews, and
  • Attend reviews where your presence is required.

Lead development of the culture of operational excellence

The culture of operational excellence is a set of values to which top management expects everyone in the company to adhere for the purpose of consistently achieving the operational sales goal. These values must be defined and agreed to by all top managers in the company.

This graph shows an example: self diagnosis by top management about five values of operational sales excellence:

More information

More about right operational leadership in book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY, Chapter 15 "Right operational leadership". (Website, Look inside)

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