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Sales leadership examples: Matrix sales organizations

Region/product matrix sales organization

This type of sales organization consists of units organized in two dimensions of goals. In our example the prime dimension is regional and the other dimension is products.

Sales goals "top-down" principle

To avoid conflict from the start the prime accountability must be defined clearly (see Right operational sales goals)
Starting from the top level goal you agree to unit goals for hierarchical units, and within those, to goals by product line. (Black arrows in picture)

Operational sales plans "bottom-up" principle

To develop operational plans you start at the lowest level: plans by product line within regional units. Each plan must have its own elements - from critical success factors to operational commitments.

While you do so you identify constraints appearing in several units as systemic and assign these to the adequate higher level unit.

More information

More about the "goals top-down, plans bottom-up" principle in book SURF THE WAVES OF OPPORTUNITY, Chapter 6 "Right operational plans". (Website, Look inside)

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